Tips for Driving in Southern Cold Weather

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Here in South Georgia and North Florida, we don’t get the nasty winters like many do up north! But North or South your foreign auto’s are still going to be out during the cold or colder winter weather. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, predicts a harsh winter this year, complicated by longer periods of freezing temperatures. It’s hard to believe with the 77 degree December days we have been seeing, but look out it will be getting cold as the Holidays begin and January arrives. By the way if your heading up North for the Holidays these tips are even more important!

Even in the South, you need to be prepared. Here are several things you can do to be prepared for driving in winter weather:

  • Flush the radiator. Eliminating any building up and replacing old antifreeze with a proper mixture of coolant and water will improve foreign engine performance and help your heater work better.
  • Replace wiper blades. When it’s dry, you might not think about this. But turn on your wipers when rain or snow are really coming down, and you’ll want fresh wiper blades that work to help you see the road. Keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir topped off too.
  • Check your foreign car battery. Now is a good time to get your battery tested. If it’s old, or not performing properly, getting the battery replaced will reduce your risk of being stranded on cold southern morning.
  • Measure tire pressure and tread. Cold air causes tires to lose pressure. Add air if you need to. Proper tire pressure improves fuel efficiency and helps your car handle better on wet or even icy southern roads. Check the tread on your tires too. Worn or slick tires can be very dangerous, even on dry roads.
  • Keep your tank full. There’s been more than one section of I-75 closed in Georgia during the winter because of a major accident and pile up or severe conditions. Keep your tank full. You’ll be able to stay warm if you get stranded. It’s also a good way to help keep moisture from freezing in the fuel lines.
  • Get a tune up. At Pete’s Otto Shop we obverse manufacturer recommendations, it is a good plan for getting regular tune-ups to keep your foreign or performance cars running smoothly. If you haven’t been vigilant about routine maintenance, now is an even better time to get an inspection and take care of any problems before a winter storm arrives.
  • Carry a safety kit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple things like a flashlight, flares, first aid kit, jump cables and basic tools, a blanket, and some extra food and water, can be helpful in an emergency. An ice scraper (yes even in South Georgia), extra washer fluid, and salt or kitty litter to help with traction in icy conditions can help too.
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