Where To Go For Foreign Car Repair

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Car repair and basic servicing procedures for high-end luxury vehicles from Europe, will require factory unique parts that will not be effortlessly accessible to a regular neighborhood garage or services center. Even larger regional or national chain service centers may not carry the appropriate elements for luxury European car repair or employ technicians with an Automotive Services Excellence (ASE) certification in foreign car repair.

Because BMWs and Mercedes are extremely popular foreign luxury cars, dealerships for these vehicles could have service centers on site. It is far more likely that you will need to have a service center that focuses on foreign car repair, specifically European cars. European car repair centers are usually capable of handling servicing and repair function for all kinds of European luxury cars including German designs, Italian Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s,  British Jaguars, Japanese Land Rovers and Range Rovers and other makes and models. Whether you live in Valdosta, South Georgia region or are traveling down I-75, Pete’s Otto is the spot for all your Foreign, European and Luxury vehicle needs and repairs.

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