Is It Time for an Engine Cleaning?

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Your engine does a lot of hard work in extreme temperatures with each turn of your key. The engine in your Foreign, Luxury or European vehicle was built to last but it need some tender loving care to go the distance. Our staff recommends all vehicles receive a proper engine cleaning at least once a year to protect the components that work so hard to get you where you are going.

Every time you hit the road, debris, dust, and dirt fly up from the roads and stick inside your engine. The extreme heat that is generated by the moving parts of your engine essentially melt the dirt and it adheres to your engine parts. Over time this gunk continues to build and can even compromise how your engine performs.

Attempting to clean your engine at home is not a suggested idea. Today’s high end vehicles have a lot of computerized parts and complicated electrical systems that can be damaged from improper cleaning. Trust our certified foreign auto mechanics in Valdosta, GA to handle the dirty job of cleaning your engine. We have the right equipment to power through the grease and grime built up on your engine.

A clean engine not only increases the performance of your vehicle, it also makes it easier to check the parts of your engine that are subject to wear and tear. Removing the stuck-on debris allows our technicians to clearly see any problem areas and make necessary repairs while they are still minor problems.

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