We Recommend Routine Light Checks

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You may be the last to know when the lights on your vehicle go out but you will be at the most risk for danger when they do. Your headlights, brake lights, and rear tail lights are your first element of safety, especially after the sun goes down. Your lights not only help you see where you are going but also help all other drivers see you. If bulbs burn out or there are electrical issues in your vehicle’s lighting systems, your vehicle will be unable to indicate important details other drivers need to know such as when you are going to brake or when you are making a turn. If your vehicle does not provide this important information, you may be involved in a collision.

Pete’s Otto offers services to ensure your vehicle’s lighting systems are safe and functioning properly. It is also crucial that vehicle owners check their lights on a regular basis to ensure they are working correctly. If you notice your lights stop working frequently, there may be a problem with the electrical connections. This will require professional servicing to replace the necessary headlamps, bulbs, or wiring to be sure your lights are keeping you safe.

Contact Tiger or Andy today to schedule an appointment for light safety checks. Vehicles without proper lighting are not only dangerous, they are in violation of the law and you will face costly fines for not having adequate lighting while on the roadway.

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